UI & UX Senior Digital Designer

As a designer UI / UX with over 12 years experience in design applied to technology, I have had the opportunity to analyze, design and test all kinds of digital products; multi-device corporate websites, eCommerce, private areas, CMS, B2B, software, social media, etc.

I have worked as head of the department of design and user experience of digital interfaces in a software & eMarketing company. I enjoy solving problems and user needs through technology. My skills range from initial analysis, through the definition of information architecture, the wireframing, prototyping and testing of user behavior for a continuous product improvement.

I love working with multidisciplinary teams still firmly the principles of Ubuntu. Along with front-ends, developers, emarketing, product owners, develop technological solutions that improve the quality of the product line of our customers.

Team-oriented, motivated, enterpreneur, detail-oriented, organized.
Diligent, dependable, efficient, constant and proactive.