silicon valley · ballet

Silicon Valley Ballet

Futuro Fetén.  (2014) Collective exhibition in Holy Hole, Barcelona.
Technique: Digital Collage.



Kilian Jornet

Logotype and website design (2011)

Design of logotype and website for Kilian Jornet, the official world champion in mountaineering ski.





From defect to the difference (2011)

In a society in which aesthetic canons are still in vogue and which dictates aesthetic beauty patterns to stick to, physical imperfection is perceived as something strange, regardless of it being part of daily life. All-a-Part is the fruit of the paradox of physical flaws in our current society. The aim is, thus, to standardise and beautify these scars, these traces on the skin which belong to bodies that, far from being rejected, express themselves as characteristic traits of people.  These bodies are, therefore, impressions and imprints of everyday life.

Multidisciplinary Exhibition Project winner of a Kreas grant by the city of Girona.
Opened in NAU cochlea – Camallera. Photo: Ramon Oliveras // Illustrations: Nirvana Jiménez // Web Design: Marta Furroy //  Development: Dani Ramirez